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It all ended abruptly in mid July as Comte de Breville returned form Paris with the latest news.The Emperor had mobilized the french army and was about to declare was against the Prussians.Every man was ordered to join hid regiment and it meant that monsieur Gilbert hat to return to thionville as soon as possible.Comte de Breville brought fine champagne from His caellar and we celebrated in high spirits.My mood turned more melancholy in the course of the night and both men consoled me as best they could by fucking me over and over again in sweet harmony.

In the morning it dawned on my fully that I was going to lose my lover.I had spent almost a year with monsieur Gilbert and life without him seemed impossible.While monsieur Gilbert packed his luggage and prepared to go, I sat on a sofa paralyzed.My toughts were in a total turmoil and I was heartbroken.Comte de Breville had sent a messanger into sarrebourg because the men were going to leave together and Emil was needed to take me back.Monsieur Gilbert saw my desperation and grabbed me in his arms.He didnt resist when I wanted to say goodbye to His cock.

Knowing that I was perhaps going to take a long time before we saw each other again.Monsieur Gilbert let me fondle his cock for the last time.We promised to write each other every day and I promised to wait for Him.I was not going to accept a new tutor for myself while he was away.As a seal to our promises we then jacked each other off and swallowed the cum.In tears I watched them go,but Emil soon arrived to take me home.Emil was aware of the mobilization and watched me with sympathy in His eyes.”Dont worry,there.s always hefty cock ready to serve a beautiful young man like you, Sir.”

I was astonished by His remark,but it soon turned out that Emil knew everything about my relationship with monsiuer Gilbert.He cunningy took advantage of my vulnerable situation and brazenly seduced me.Emil saw that I was in need of a sereve fucking and exposed His enormous cock to me.”Monsieur Gilbert is not the only man with prominent cock around here.Many boys in Sarrebourg are looking for a change to get his piece of equipment

Soon Ernst excited to the point of frenzy and he lifted me on the window sill.He opened my legs wide ahd thrust his wet cock inside me.With fierce grubts he forced his big cick inside me fully and pounded my butt with huge energy.I was afraid that the window might break while he forcefully fucked me against it.The roles were reserved and Ernst engaged me in a fantastic jig.With every thrust he pushed me closer to the climax until he gave me the coup de grace by shoving his massive cock inside me to the hilz.We both shot our loads instantly and explosively.

I dont know what happend to us,but we stayed there for a long time hugging and kissing each other.Somehow it left only natural that Ernst stayed with me.I had no idea why he was in bouligny,but i took him to the empty dorm father Dominic and Alphonse used for fucking the boys.With

When the frolicking army finally retired I returned to my room.Suddenly the door was opened and shawn stood in the doorway buck naked and with a solid erection.He begged me to let him sleep with me and he had the nerve to say that He loved me.I reminded him that I had found him in bed with my brother.”I only fucked Him for consolation.Troy was in grief because he loves good fucking like everybody else and I couldnt leave Him without fucking Him goodbye.Sugar,melts in Troy.s mouth too and he recorgnizes a pure pedigree cock when he sees one.Besides,there.s a lot of candy in here for both of you,” Shawn said and stroked the solid shaft of his eagerly twitching Dork.

After the horny soldiers i was badly in need of rest,but to my shame I have to admit that just the sight that captures my mind and in a few moments Shawn was fucking my face with fierce energy while i sucked his big beefy cock with great gusto.I forgot that some hours ago Shawn had fucked Troy with equal zeal and i let him fill my mouth with his thick creamy cum.
Of course he stayed all night and fucked me more or less nonstop until dawn.We were hungry and the house was quiet.We sneaked downstairs for food,but Wally confirmed that.”The Boy.s a natural,” Shawn said as i tool Wally.s whammer in my mouth.”See how that ugly stub of yours is beginning to look like a real cock.A few laps of that soft rosy tongue and your weapon will spill the essence of your manhood,but before that you must knock the other entrance,” Shawn said and grabbed a bottle of olive oil in His strong hands.

Shawn lifted me on all fours on top of the counter and opened my legs wide.With his big fingers plunged deep inside me as he strentched my tight sphincter with irresistible force.I wriggled in agoby as his hingers grazed my prostate and I could the smacking sounds of wally oilling his monstrous cock.”He.s about ready for your cock now,” shawn said and turned me on my back in the counter .Then I saw Tim,the cock,who was stark naked too and he held me on my back while wally entered me.

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